Saturday, January 30, 2016

Silicon Valley "Basic Income" promotions privatize Bernie Sanders's ideas

Matthew Yglesias of Vox describes a plan by Silicon Valley investors to develop a Basic Income plan for everyone, as proposed by Y Combinator’s president Sam Altman, story here.  In a sense, this is privatization of Bernie Sanders’s social programs.  The story is quite popular on Twitter.

The charity promotion “Give Directly” is also planning to launch a Basic Income project. Vox has been promoting the idea of simply giving poor people (especially overseas) money directly, but I think that it is hard to do much with it without some more infrastructure like clean water, electricity, Internet and medicine.

In the related racial tension area, the Washington Post reports a story (T. Rees Shapiro and Donna St. George)  about some student videos and posts, opposing “Black Lives Matter”, that contained blatantly racist content and promoted more protests.   It’s hard to respond to this.

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