Saturday, February 20, 2016

Continuing with Black History Month, a visit to Lucasville School in Virginia

Returning to my Feb. 14 excursion, I did find the Lucasville School today near Manassas Virginia, off of Rt 234.  The Virginia National Guard Armory and fairgrounds are nearby. Lucasville was originally settled by freed slaves.

The school is open on weekends this month for Black History Month.

This was a one room school, with only four rows of chairs.  Children had to bring firewood to school.  It required only a seventh grade education to be a teacher.

In 1819, it was actually illegal in Virginia for slaves to assemble to learn to read and write.

About 15 miles away, west of Haymarket in a pass through the “Bull Run Mountains”, there is a sign for “Free People of Color at Thoroughfare”.

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