Sunday, February 07, 2016

Mark Cuban argues that anti IPO-mentality maintains inequality; Rubio's robot-like memorization

Mark Cuban just wrote a striking blog post (the "Pre-Cognitive Anti-Trust Violation") on the decline of IPO’s for new companies, and argues that the lack of IPO’s (regulatory climate unfavorable to them) is one major reason for income inequality.  This is a striking argument from the libertarian right about inequality, one which I suspect May Ruwart  (“Healing our World”) will soon echo.  I don’t think I’ve heard any of the GOP presidential candidates talk about this (here we are two days until the New Hampshire Primary) and you would wonder why.

Cuban discusses the “stay private” mentality, as if it came from control-freaks. It does make sense for me, where some perceive me as the Madoff of knowledge, publishing so much with very few actual business transactions.  I maintain absolute control over what I say.  But I think I could help certain media companies (even public ones) in areas where they haven’t given deep enough coverage.
Let me mention one other thing, about the candidates.  It seems as though (judging from the Vox “really bad” label pinned on the debate performance)  Marco Rubio believes “all learning is memorization”, something I once said in accelerated Chemistry class in high school, to the disgust of some of the other students (well deserved).  Well, ask Taylor Wilson or Jack Andraka.  Maybe a pre-ghost of Rubio overheard me say, “Don’t kiss her on the lips!”, too. Rubio should watch more horror movies. And, yes, Marco, if your debate log is one long process-piece, it won’t get “less bad”.

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