Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What if we have a general election between Cruz and Sanders?

So, right now, we seem to be heading toward a possible presidential election between two extremes.  In general, I think that Cruz is more extreme than Trump (despite Trump’s statements on immigration and general recklessness).  Sanders is promising “free stuff” that he hasn’t shown how to pay for.  I think Cruz is more likely to get the nomination right now than Trump (despite NH, with White Mountains above).

It’s fun to support the idea of “revolution” for some people, and to gang together for support when you feel stepped on.  Remember how it felt to be drafted.

That’s the rub.  It sounds nice to promise free college educations, and free paid family leave.  You think Wall Street or employers will pay for these.  Maybe sometimes.  But paid family leave can mean that the childless work for free to support other people’s children and marriages, against their wills.

Likewise, Ted Cruzz’s ideology can certainly barge in on the lives of women, and reverse gains in the LGBT areas.

I’m fine with a real debate on paid family leave.  It does work (as Sanders repeatedly says) reasonably well in Europe – why?  Do we offer it to care for elderly parents as well as to have children?  Do we offer it for adoption?  Do couples have to be legally married?  Do we offer it to fathers (Mark Zuckerberg) as well as mothers?

Can we pay for it with another “insurance premium”?

The New York Times shared a link on the GOP’s own “Growth Opportunity” document.

Thomas B. Edsall has a probing perspective, “What about Ted Cruz?” today.

The biggest problem with more extreme positions in the GOP is, really, what are really “you” going to do about the poor, about the uninsured (in health care), etc, if you get your way? And someone like Cruz comes back and asks me, what will I do about it locally, personally, according to my own karma.  A big clue.

Let’s also note the Supreme Court’s recent rulings pushing the Obama administration back on both climate change and immigration (CNN story by Dan Berman and others) .  These are summary rulings that SCOTUS doesn't seem to publish on its website.

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