Friday, April 22, 2016

My own visit to an Eastern (Shenandoah "Rocky Mount") wildfire area today

The “Rocky Mount Fire” in the southern portion (just south of US-33) of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, appeared to be diminishing today as I visited the area, in the midst of rain showers.

The Weather Channel's story from early today is here.

I could see the plumes of smoke S of US-33 just E of the crest of the ridge, but there was only one place where I could stop and get a picture.  I could see the smoke from one picnic area long the Drive, which was open N of US-33.

There did not appear to be a credible threat to towns in the Valley or Piedmont below.  The center of response was at the Volunteer Fire Department at Grottoes, VA on US 340, 10 miles south of US-33 (Elkton, from Harrisonburg).

However, the incident shows that wildfires can occur in the East and may in rare cases threaten property.  And the problem could get worse if drought increases with climate change.

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