Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New mothers used crowdfunding for maternity leave

The NBC Today show reported today that more new mothers are crowdfunding their own maternity leave from work, with considerable success on sites like GoFundMe, story with video

It seems to be done more for just maternity leave than by fathers.

Is this a “libertarian” solution?  Well, yes.  I personally don’t warm up to pleas for money online over strictly personal situations, over something that wouldn’t happen with me.  I’m a little more open to it when I know the people, or would have some kind of contact before (church, social group).
On April 7, I discussed San Francisco’s new ordinance requiring most private employers to offer paid parental leave. I’ve said that laws like this should probably be accompanied by a payroll deduction (which could be waived for lowest income employees or be progressive on salary or wage) to help pay for the benefit and make people aware that they are sharing a community issue.

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