Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The elderly homeless population increases, as does the young adult group, especially in LA

Adam Nagourney has a booklet-length feature story in the New York Times on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, “Old and on the Streets: The Graying of America’s Homeless”, link here.

The story focuses on Los Angeles and skid row, but the trend for more old people to be living on the streets, casualties of multiple recessions and an individually competitive economy (“victims” overstates it) is quite noticeable.  Homelessness has actually gone up during the Obama years.

A majority of the elderly homeless are women.  One mother said her adult children had no idea where she was (filial responsibility?)

Younger adults are still losing “the best years of their lives”.

In Washington DC, as in many cities, it’s actually rather difficult, from a regulatory viewpoint, for churches to run shelters.  One starts wondering if the idea of “sponsorship”, sometimes suggested for immigrants and refugees, is applicable.   But I haven’t seen the libertarian think tanks propose it yet.

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