Friday, May 27, 2016

What's wrong with adult children moving back in with their parents?

Catherine Rampbell has a stinging column on p. A19 of the Washington Post on Friday May 27, 2016, “Mom and Dad’s basement is looking pretty good right now” or, more telling online, “want to blame someone for basement-dwelling millennials?  Try the Boomers”.

The compares live-in rates of adult kids in the US with overseas, and finds it not so out of line. Furthermore, she even questions whether it is “desirable” to encourage or expect singles to set up their own personal kingdoms before marriage with such bombastic individualized lives, buying more house than they can afford because of tax laws and market pressures (let alone 2008).

Still, they’re now moving back because older generations have spent their money, she says: on Medicare, maybe Social Security, and on overcharging for education in a student loan and debt collection racket.  It’s the fault of our generation.

I did this for a brief time in 1971, then went to my own apartment again, when taking a job in Washington.  But I moved back home at age 60 for eldercare reasons in 2003.

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