Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Metro in DC again creating waves for nightlife with talk of permanent late night shutdowns

Metro is proposing permanently ending previously late night service (Friday and Saturday nights) even after the 10-month Safe Track is finished in March 2017.  It also wants to close Sunday nights at 10 PM.

The Washington Post and WUSA-9 have a video on the concern over the affect on small businesses, especially bars and witnesses, whose workers could not afford Uber or Lyft and cab fares.

I haven’t been out “dancing” in DC since Pride weekend.  I am told business is OK.  But I had rarely taken the Metro after midnight in the past 18 months, and I haven’t driven in since about 2013.  Solutions could include express bus lines along the Metro routes, circulator busses, and more 24-hour garages.

Encouraging driving is a dubious thing.  In Rockville MD, a Hooters is surrendering its liquor license after one of its employees served an intoxicated person who then was convicted of manslaughter of a police officer by auto.  The franchise store will close.

There is a certain hostility to night life, as licenses are difficult to replace.  Businesses are also displaced by condo and office development. That’s part of the problem.  It’s a big problem in a city too congested for driving and parking without enough public transportation.
In the San Francisco Bay Area, BART closes at midnight every night, but there are other busses and streetcars.

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