Friday, July 29, 2016

Person-to-person transmission of Zika through mosquito vectors documented in south Florida

Up to four cases of Zika virus infection have apparently been transmitted to people by mosquitoes actually in south Florida.  A New York Times story reports, “In Florida cases, Zika epidemic enters a new stage.”

Blood donations have been stopped in South Florida until donated units can be tested. This could have been catastrophic had there been an emergency like the Pulse attack in Orlando in June.

Local authorities are trying to locate infected mosquitoes, which have not been found yet.  Authorities are trying to eradicate most mosquitoes in the area.

The disease is still mild for most adults, and those at greatest risk are pregnant women, for their unborn children, who at the least must try to avoid outdoor exposure in the area now.

Update: Aug. 1

The CDC has issued an unprecedented travel warning against pregnant women and their partners to visit an area of Miami where 4 domestics were found. There are concerns over whether mosquito control will work and whether this can spread quickly.  

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