Monday, August 15, 2016

Facts about police shooting of armed suspect don't seem to matter enough yet in Milwaukee

Here’s a surprising interpretation by Vox of the Milwaukee police shooting incident, by German Lopez.  Vox acknowledges that the police report that the suspect was armed and fleeing from committing a crime, but says we cannot always trust police at their word, at least at first.  That’s a troubling claim.

The Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal has an account here.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (Democrat) has said he had seen the police shooting and claims the video shows that the suspect Sylville Smith was armed, typical story,   Furthermore, it appears that the officer who shot the suspect is black.  Governor Scott Walker (Republican, himself controversial with workers and on unions) has called out the National Guard for standby but not deployed it.

Demonstrators say they don’t care what the police say, they are tired of being treated badly by white businesses in the area.

I most recently visited Milwaukee in 2000, and had been downtown also in May 1992.
By Dori - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 us.

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