Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How does Louisiana flooding in 2016 compare to Katrina in terms of lives disrupted?

ABC News is reporting that about 40000 homes have been damaged, 20000 people rescued, and 8000 people housed in shelters in southeastern Louisiana, with the greatest damage more or less around Livingston, SE of Baton Rouge.   The most recent story and video is here


It’s not clear how people will be housed, as FEMA trailers did not work out too well after Hurricane Katrina (which displaced273000 people ).  Many people were put up in apartment complexes in Texas, especially around Houston.  A few hundred were housed as far to the NE as the DC area.  The death toll this time will be much lower. Oprah Winfrey visited the Superdome when it was set up as a shelter, and said she almost vomited from the stench.  
The storm system seems tropical in character and really deserves to be a named tropical storm. 

There is some surprise that most homeowners in some areas (above 40 feet elevation) did not have flood insurance (NBC video).  Above certain elevations, it is not required.  This complicates the moral issues for people who could personally assist them. Is flood insurance unaffordable? 
Louisiana is a big center for filmmaking by major studios now, and its unclear how they are affected. Later, some media reports indicated that a studio facility in Baton Rouge had been converted to a temporary shelter.  
Picture: Bay St. Louis, MS, my trip, Feb. 2006  

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