Sunday, August 28, 2016

Yes, EMT workers are supposed to risk their lives (op-ed in Washington Post)

Here’s a provocative article leading off the Outlook section of the Sunday August 28, 2016 Washington Post, by Ex-EMT Kevin Hazzard, “Paramedics are taught to not risk their lives; they should”   Yup, the risk to his own life is justified by working on a victim in an area with an active shooter.

Hazzard does discuss the handling of the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando in June 2016.

On a trip this week, I randomly met a young volunteer fire fighter in a restaurant in the little town of Cumberland Gap (TN side).  He seemed to look for role models.  Nats outfielder Bryce Harper had considered volunteer firefighting at one time, as well as Mormon mission, but baseball was too valuable.  Self-sacrifice and duty are controversial.

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