Thursday, September 22, 2016

Charlotte erupts in riots following police shooting, worse second night; protestors vandalize, loot upscale areas; also Tulsa shooting

Charlotte erupted last night, on live television, on CNN.  I saw looting, a man down with a gunshot wound, and at least one CNN reporter punched by a demonstrator who apparently believes in a a “no spectators” moral code.

Rioters completely destroyed some downtown (or “uptown”) retail stores, as well as damaging major hotels and even the Bank of America building.

According to the Charlotte Observer, curfews are being considered for tonight.  Police had great difficulty covering the scale of the rioting, as crowds kept coming back.  One civilian was shot, not by police, and may be in grave condition.

CNN’s coverage is here.

The rioters seemed oblivious to the idea that the policeman himself was black, and about the ambiguities surrounding the facts on the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

This seems to be the first major riot in recent terms where damage occurred in upscale areas away from black neighborhoods.  Much of the activity was near the Omni Hotel, and later on Tryon street, where I had stayed in a Hyatt in 2011 when working for Census.  I’ve visited Charlotte numerous times (including the club The Scorpio).  Some activity occurred near a light rail station.

OANN’s coverage is here  and Trey Yingst’s own footage is on Twitter here. Yingst has a photo of the shooting victim down, and it was first thought he had been injured by the flash bang.

Several reporters had minor injuries but Trey tweeted back this morning that he was safe (like Marathon Man).  In Baltimore, in 2015, he had tweeted that he was in a hazardous place for a while.
I think I recognized one other cameraman as someone I may know.  I am not aware of any injuries or other involvement among anyone I know, even though I have considerable contacts in North Carolina and this concerns me more than usual.

In Tulsa, a white female officer shot a black man Terrence Crutcher at a traffic stop; ABC coverage and officer’s account here..

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