Monday, September 05, 2016

"The Survival Mom" declares preparation for a low-tech, post-EMP lifestyle a moral prerequisite

On Facebook recently I’ve followed a page called “The Survival Mom” which has been pretty aggressive in promoting an enormous number of practical skills a doomsday prepper needs.  There’s also a lot on what rearing kids need.

Some of it is actually pretty broadbased, like this one about what your kid needs instead of a college or Ivy League education

A lot of it is down-to-earth, about stuff like sewing and starting fires without matches.  There was a survivalist quiz which I got about 40% on.  Yes, some of the skills include firing weapons.  She is survivalism's equivalent to "blogtyrant".

And some of it is infused in evangelical Christianity.

The Facebook comments are interesting.  I said that I wouldn’t be of much use in such a world, and someone said “we will need” elders, as if this was going to happen, an established fact.

I think we should work smart and shore up our electric power grid security, and the establishment media is only slowly waking up to it.  Donald Trump, of all people should be talking about it.

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