Sunday, October 23, 2016

Donald Trump's First 100 Days could "get real" if he actually wins

Donald Trump may have more authority to implement some of his ideas during the first 100 days than a lot of people think, even though he doesn’t seem to respect the checks and balances of our system.

Here’s a WSJ article on the predictions.  The article does not mention suspending the small Syrian refugee program, but that could happen.  Evan Osnos did mention the idea to Fareed Zakaria on CNN (GPS program) today (as well as shutting down dome user generated content on the Internet, although he tweets at 3 AM himself) in a long article in the New Yorker.

Some of the items (like longer prison terms for those who return illegally) would not be controversial.

I take with a grain of salt his threat to sue women accusing him of sexual misconduct after the election, because the discovery process would be embarrassing for him, and the women would have tremendous pro bono support.

I could be concerned about the media speech issues, like the idea he could go after Section 230.

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