Saturday, October 01, 2016

Liability for guest behavior may (or may not) be an issue in housing refugees, asylees

It appears that in Virginia, according to a legal link that I found, people are not liable for what their guests do when they are social hosts.  The most obvious example would be if someone drinks at a party and then has a DWI wreck driving home.  The link is here.   Actually, I think I recall a case in Charlottesville where there was liability.

Where this could matter “in a positive way” is if someone houses a refugee or asylum seeker, or even a domestic person in some dire straits (homeless, domestic violence victim).  Does that mean there is no secondary liability?   I would wonder about this even with an “emergency bnb” site that has been proposed. It seems like nobody is talking about this very cleanly.

In Maryland, things go the other way with “Noah’s Law”, requiring cars for DUI convicts to be equipped with breath tests and ignition locks  

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