Monday, October 17, 2016

President Obama issues XO for national preparedness for extreme space weather events (Carrington-sized), after admitting 2012 near miss

The White House (President Barack Obama) has issued a rather verbose Executive Order to be prepared for extreme space weather events, link here.

I just found out about this from “The Survival Mom” on Facebook (check my main blog today for a story about litigation against the blog for a hyperlink).  The Survival Man correlated this to recent tensions with Russia and the possibility of cyberwar, exacerbated (especially on 10/13) by recent claims of Russia hacking the US election systems (sounds far-fetched because they are so decentralized). But a coronal mass ejection following a solar storm is a natural, not man-made, event.

There are about 72 hours from the time of a solar flare until the full coronal mass ejection arrives.  Would forecasts predict major power outages?  It's actually difficult to measure the CME's size until it reaches the "Lagrange point", which I believe is only a few hours before the event on Earth. Could the Storm Prediction Center of NOAA include these forecasts?
The Executive Order would seem to anticipate “Carrington Event”-sized coronal mass ejections.  The Earth may have barely missed one in July 2012.

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