Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Size of Obamacare price hike for 2017 seems to stun Clinton

HHS confirmed on Monday that individual insurance premiums under “Obamacare” would go up over 25% in 2017, as the open enrollment period approaches.  HHS also says that, with subsidies, most families will still pay less than $100 a month.  But even pro-Obama Vox doesn't think this is pretty (Vox explains).

Jonathan Chait, of New York Magazine, still says that Obamacare is a "policy success" and "political failure" in a piece here.

However this is bad news for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as suddenly Donald Trump has an easy legitimate issue to talk about in his rallies.  Trump promises that he will repeal Obamacare and replace it with something “great” but is vague on what that would be.

Most of the premium rises are associated with the withdrawal of some health insurance companies from some markets, and with the inability of plans to attract “healthy” young adults.

It’s disturbing to see “gofundme” drives for people who should have been properly insured before horrible accidents or criminal or terror events.   And rare cancers do strike the young, unpredictably, as do a few other things (like aneurysms).  

I remember when the baseball player Harry Agannis died from a bizarre blood clot in his lung back in 1955, at age 26. It can happen.  This story became a documentary movie.

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