Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Southeastern fires seem unprecedented in area covered

In July, I visited the “Brown Mountain” are of North Carolina, and now it appears that many areas I visited are affected by wildfires, as reported in this ABC News story.  People have been required to evacuate from at least five counties in North Carolina.  There is fire close to Atlanta, and air pollution from smoke in Atlanta.

The fires go from Alabama to southwestern Virginia and seem to be fueled by extreme autumn drought. That’s ironic because eastern North Carolina was flooded by Hurricane Matthew. However, there have been no large Gulf-originated tropical storms this fall to provide moisture to the Appalachian part of the Southeast.

The fires are described as “California-sized”.

An “aspiring weatherman” was arrested for arson motivated supposedly by the desire to get social media views, story here. This is not an incident we need with a new president who views some aspects of social media as a national security risk (as relative to ISIS).

But most fires may have natural causes.  There have been big fires in the pine forests of northern Florida and the coastal areas of the Carolinas in the past.

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