Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump's "race baiting" within media earshot of immature kids could lead to bullying

Jenee Desmond-Harris has an important analysis, “’All the Black and Brown People Have to Leave’: Trump’s scary impact on how kids think.”
She makes the point that when young kids overhear Trump’s comments in the media, they don’t understand the context (their brains aren’t developed enough to have the cognition to grasp what it means)   So they have a tendency to repeat the behaviors they see adults engaging in,

I can relate to this.  I was teased and bullied, but especially in a couple of troubling incidents in seventh and ninth grades, I could bully back.
When I was in kindergarten, in a private home in 1948-1949, the teacher divided the class into “brownies and elves”, as if the elves were superior and allowed to meet upstairs.  I was a “brownie” (I am white) and stayed downstairs.  That always stuck with me.  That would not be acceptable teaching now.

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