Monday, December 05, 2016

New push to ban high school football (and that means all other tackle football)

I like to emphasize news stories that I witness.  Today, with the house water turned off for sewer maintenance, I went a McDonalds for lunch and overheard a curious conversation.  Someone said, “when you go to the hospital, if they find any tobacco in you, they’ll turn you away.”  I’ve never heard that one before.  Sort of blaming the victim.

There’s a big story on ABC News today about a push to end high school football because of the concussion risk, link here with video. That would pretty much destroy college football (which Malcolm Gladwell wants to ban – July 21, 2013) and the NFL.

True, fans “benefit” from the physical risk-taking of football players.  Look at the most brilliant young men around – whether in Silicon Valley, medicine, chess, or inventing new power systems – none of them have found it useful to play significant contact sports when younger.  (Many of them take up physical fitness and individual sports – just not contact.) Even so, many “politicians” and business leaders (the kind who manipulate people rather than create content and do research) did.  Medicine is somewhere in between – people play football and decide to go into sports medicine.  Coaches say the teamwork and sacrifice build character.  I guess it does.  And it is a certain kind of character that comes at a personal cost.

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