Monday, December 19, 2016

Trump wins the Electoral Vote by a final score of 306-232; protests in every state over the Electoral College issue

I got too busy with movies to go to an electoral college demonstration today, but Trump reached the 270 needed.

Here’s a video of a demonstration in South Carolina.

The CNN story on the final electoral college count (306-232) is here.  Two GOP and four democratic electors refused to vote for their candidates.

There were demonstrations today in every state capital, including Richmond (which had gone for Clinton, but just barely).

WJLA showed the protest in Richmond and indoor footage from the Virginia state senate (when the electors met) tonight but has video from Phoenix on its website in its story here.

The Richmond Times Dispatch has video of the protests in Richmond.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 65,788,583 to 62,955,363 (Snopes) and California alone was able to explain her popular vote victory.

Republicans are still saying that Bill Clinton's accidental meeting on a plane with Loretta Lynn fed into Comey's decision to send a letter to Congress Oct. 28.  My own feeling is that the Democrats are overplaying the Comey and hacking issues, and that the rise in Obamacare premiums contributed heavily to her electoral loss.  But there is also resentment and rage from "ordinary people" who feel left out of globalization. 

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