Friday, May 12, 2017

TSA mulls extending laptop ban on flights from Europe and UK soon, but the consequences are so unclear

There are plenty of rumors to the effect that DHS-TSA will implement rules requiring all laptops and large electronics to checked from all flights from the UK and Europe.  Could this spread to domestic flights? 

The most complete story is on CNN, which relates that Delta leaked the rumor to customers in Cincinnati already.

Engineers are questioning whether placing a lot of objects with lithium-ion batteries close together makes sense.  Checking them earlier at the airport might spread them out more. 

Would laptops would be damaged in checked luggage? 

There are also questions whether there is a kind of Brexit-related business subterfuge going on. 

Some experts say that there is technology to make sure that laptops are OK, but they would have to be running when checked.  

Again, there is no “laptop rental” (with appropriate security) industry comparable to a car rental industry, but it sounds like we need one.  People could keep data in the cloud. 

It is possible to buy a keyboard at a destination and work with a smart phone only. 

Hotel business centers are usually woefully inadequate for high volume use by travelers. 

Update: May 15

The Washington Post reports that President Trump discussed classified material with the Russian foreign minister on intelligence related to the enlarging electronics ban. 

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