Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Parachute Teachers, a startup that addresses the substitute teacher shortage

Recently, there has been more reporting of shortages of substitute teachers, including some early AM reports on NBC Washington (no link yet).

There is a group called “Parachute Teachers” which is trying to bring people with real-life work experience into the classroom as subs, but apparently without distinct teaching licenses.  The Atlantic has a story from Feb. 2017 by Hayley Glatter here
The group’s own FAQ page is here.  Right now, it seems that the group is active only in the Boston area (and Rhode Island).  I like the idea of bringing “workplace” values to the classroom.

The American School Superintendent’s Association has a page “Dealing with the Substitute Teacher shortage” where it mentions the need for training in emergency issues (CPR, lockdowns), “classroom management” (discipline, especially in middle school or lower grades, or with special education or non-intact students), and “bags of tricks”.  

As I've explained here before, I subbed in northern Virginia 2004-2007 and ran into issues, especially classroom management.  

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