Thursday, August 31, 2017

The "Cajun Navy" pays it forward; personal housing hosting requested in Texas by faith groups already

The “Cajun Navy” has been “paying it forward” by rescuing people from apartments and homes in privately owned boats in Houston and now Beaumont-Port Arthur.

There was one story of a man who bought a boat in Florida and drove it as a trailer all the way to Texas to help out.  I don’t know how he could have parked.  I don’t have the hands-on skills to rescue people physically.

The Dallas Morning News has a page on how North Texans (240 miles away) can help, here.  They are asking for volunteers in evacuation centers set up in Dallas and probably Austin and San Antonio.  The Airbnb offer was discussed in a previous post. 

The General Consulate of Houston and apparently a few other faith-based organizations have requested homeowners in Texas host families.  Here is the Google Docs form link. It does not appear that hosting from outside Texas is being requested at this time.  

Update: Sept. 6

Here is a story of how someone was "conscripted" into the Cajun Navy by downloading an app!

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