Tuesday, September 19, 2017

GOP's latest Obamacare "repeal" throws it all back to the states

“Those Republicans” are about to try to repeal Obamacare again, and maybe replace it with almost nothing  Just proportional block grants to the states.

Think Progress is often a little too pushy and Leftist for me, but this article seems like a fair assessment of Lindsey Graham’s strategy. Judd Legum writes that be bill pits Americans against one another.  No, it begs for more GoFundMe campaigns?  
Matthew Yglesias weighs in on the more moderate Vox site and mentions that previous the GOP would have let states keep Obamacare if they wanted.  Apparently no longer. 

Update: Sept. 20

Dylan Matthews compares to to welfare reform, which he says failed miserably. Bill Clinton did that. Insurance companies will have to cover pre-existing conditions, but can charge a lot more.  

But the subsidies, Medicaid expansion, and individual mandates are gone.  Why not some sort of reinsurance system? 

Update: Sept 22

Here is an analysis of Graham-Cassidy and the Jimmy Kimmel test, by MJ Lee et all on CNN, here. States have to use their grants to cover pre-existing conditions (maybe with reinsurance) but have a lot of leeway on what is "affordable".  

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