Thursday, September 07, 2017

Hurricanes accelerated debt ceiling crisis, forcing Trump to deal with Democrats

Trump’s debt ceiling deal, for three months, ruffled some sails, as Trump worked with Democrats, in the face of two hurricanes, and seems to be turning his image around.

Paul Ryan, in a turnabout, explained that people in Texas had been getting FEMA grants by their smartphones, in record speed compared to Katrina 12 years ago.  FEMA was about to run out of money by no later than Tuesday, after which Florida and the southeast will have to deal with Irma.  Ryan talked about "two horrible hurricanes", as Irma is called a "nuclear hurricane".  
 So the debt ceiling wall could come up much sooner than Sept. 29, and a political standoff could have meant cutting off FEMA aid to hurricane victims.

Matthew Yglesias explains Trump’s negotiations on Vox here   Is this “negotiation” from “The Apprentice” where Troy McClain let his legs get waxes on camera in order to “take one for the team”?  

Update: The bill passed and was signed.  The debt ceiling will come back as a Christmas present. 

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