Monday, September 04, 2017

Trump will end DACA with a six-month grace period, pass the football to Congress

President Trump is expected to announce the end of DACA after a six-month delay Tuesday.  Trump wants Congress to own responsibility for the controversy.  The CNN story is here
Trump faces a threat of lawsuit by nine red states, claiming the president does not have legal authority to end-round immigration statutes, even for popular or humanitarian reasons.

Mainstream opinions (and most employers) feel that adult children should not be held responsible for their parents’ illegal actions.  And employers find DACA recipients good employees.

But Trump’s base argues that this is unfair to immigrants whose parents came here legally, and feel that college slots and jobs are lost to those whose presence would otherwise be illegal.

One result could be that DACA recipients would lose the ability to have green cards and work legally. Social pressure could be set up for others to support them as family members, as in the LGBT community, to prevent them from having to return to countries with violent environments.  Some DACA adult children speak English well but not their original languages.
Trump used to say on “The Apprentice”, “Life isn’t fair.” 

Update: Sept 5:

Some lawyers say Trump needs to allow a comment period, story. It looks like Houston really needs all the labor pool it can get right now.  Don't do the deportations. 

The dreamers had given the government their PII and biographical data in good faith. 

Here is Sessions's statement this morning. 

No new applications are accepted even those in the system have six months.  And the White House has supposedly said they should prepare to leave if necessary. 

NBC News posted Trump's statement

Update: Sept. 6

Some blue states are suing over the DACA rescinding, CNN story. Trump says he would reconsider if Congress can't pass a reconstruction in six months. 

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