Friday, September 15, 2017

Will many displaced Houstonians not return and have to resetlte elsewhere?

Peter Whoriskey and Patricia Sullivan discuss the possibility of not rebuilding in some of the most flood-prone neighborboods of Houston in a Washington Post article, “In flood-weary Houston, a call to retreat”, link here  
These areas would presumably include some areas deliberately flooded by reservoir releases during the recent massive rain event in late August.

However, buyouts of people and relocating them brings up many questions.  As with New Orleans, there would be questions, would they stay and work in Houston?  Would others in distant cities be asked to consider taking them in?

Maybe higher density housing, including high-rises, could be created in slightly higher areas of the City.  Texas generally doesn’t nurture high-rise living the way coastal cities do.

Even other cities, like Austin and San Antonio, around the Hill Country, have to be very careful about river flooding given the propensity for large rainfall events, especially from tropical moisture.  Ranch roads around Texas are filled with stream crossings and warning rulers. 

It would be important to know if Houston problems are affecting housing prices in other Texas cities.

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