Thursday, October 19, 2017

Conspiracy theories about Paddock's rampage start to make sense

Here is a theory in the Daily Wire, article by Tyler Dankhe, about Paddock’s possible motive, a kind of righteous idealism about gun control.  The theory had first appeared on a site by Mark Steyn.
So, the idea was to force America to face gun control?

I wonder if the shooter simply thought that the world is doomed, maybe over North Korea and nukes and the EMP threat, and wanted to go out making that kind of a statement, a certain contempt for mankind.

It seems that the gun collecting started about the time of Trump’s election win.  By comparison, James Holmes in Colorado had been accumulating weapons for about four months before his rampage.  Likewise, Holmes seemed contemptuous, and “the message is that there is no message”.

There are stories about a prediction made on 4chan on Sept. 11 (and some debunking of this as “fake news”). . 

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