Saturday, October 28, 2017

Some campuses see color blindness itself as oppressive

A college campus, the University of Southern Indiana, has explicitly told its students to notice people of color and not to remain color blind, as explained in this article by William Nardi at University of Massachusetts.

The “5 tips” article  talks about becoming an “ally” of a particular community (this time, women of color).

Personally, that’s not how I work, although that’s a topic for a Wordpress essay in the future. 

Here's something else quite disturbing:

I also wanted to share this article about Neo-Nazi recruiting on some southern campuses, by Eleanor Barder on Truthout (which is pushy on the donations).  Note that she links to an altright article that already has been deleted and has to be found on the Internet Archive (Wayback machine).  We seem to have deteriorated into a debate on who gets to have an identity group-based mass movement and who does not.  That article uses the word "proles", the name of my 1969 unpublished novel!

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