Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trump's order today could gut Obamacare indeed

Pundits are saying that Trump’s XO today partially gutting Obamacare is an exercise of letting the strong get out of taking care of the weak (outside of their own extended families, that is).
Benju Sarlin of ABCNews analyses the order, which would be implemented gradually, here

The bike shop example is a good one.  Bike shops (maybe with shaved legs prominent) would be able to form groups across state lines, and it’s pretty clear that, whatever the visuals, most of their employees were healthier than average.  Taking one for the team is indeed an irony.

People could buy temporary limited coverage, gutting Obamacare concepts of mandatory coverages. 
A later news release Thursday indicated that Trump had decided to end the month-by-month cost sharing subsidies that help some people buy health insurance, CNN link.   The president says that a federal court had ruled that these payments are illegal (Aug. 2 Washington Post opinion by Ilya Somin;  Atlantic article ;  Wikipedia:  House of Representatives v. Burwell or Price).  Insurance companies still have a legal responsibility to honor the subsidies but could drop out. 

LGBT groups have decried the order, mentioning marginalized groups (people of color), but PrEP coverage could be a big issue for some men.  
The president had to be reminded by Pence to sign the order, an event that had also happened in March. 

Update: Oct 13

I'm already seeing people (who voted for Trump) saying on Facebook that their own subsidies, which they need for lifesaving medications. will be cut.  What's next, personal gofundme's?  Are social media friends supposed to become personal safety nets? 

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