Wednesday, October 11, 2017

White supremacists attack black man in Charlottesville, have him arrested for fighting back; litigation over "militia"

I had not even heard yet of a second W.S. march in Charlottesville, but apparently it led to a nasty incident in a garage (maybe were I parked when I went to gay pride there Sept 16). The Washington Post account is here

Apparently some supremacists attacked a black man in the garage and when he fought back they filed a complaint with police, framing the black man.  Criminal procedure required a lockup at first, until the Commonwealth Attorney can look at it.

Actually Virginia’s criminal procedure is probably safer for potential defendants than many other states (like North Carolina, that had to endure the lacrosse scandal). 

Update:  Oct. 12

The Post reports arrests of some of the men involved in starting the incident. 

The City of Charlottesville and several local businesses have sued to prevent "militia" from holding rallies in the city, as a violation of Virginia law, as explained on "The Hill". 

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