Monday, January 08, 2018

Chicago area man forced to stop sheltering the homeless in his own basement

A man in Elgin, Ill opened his basement to homeless people, but the city made him stop, according to this New York Times story. Elgin is located 35 miles W of Chicago, near the Wisconsin line.
It wasn’t clear whether he owned the house or rented it.

The city said that this violated fire and safety codes as well as zoning.

A different question arises if he hosts an individual homeless family.  This happens with international asylum seekers but I have not heard about it with domestic homeless.
Although I did this once for three months in Dallas in the fall of 1980, after not taking a Cuban refugee from the Mariel boatlift. 

Update: January 12

The New York Times has a detailed story by Sarah Maslin about a businessman in Brooklyn who runs an "illegal" homeless shelter in the basement, here.

Update: January 16

Intellectual Takeout reports on a man being arrested feeding the homeless in El Cajun CA. 

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