Saturday, January 20, 2018

Government shutdown: what about the debt ceiling, about to be critical?

Well, members of Congress get paid, but TSA workers and soldiers and sailors don’t? 

Here is a rundown on how the shutdown affects “YOU”.  
This is more dangerous now, than ever.  North Korea is watching? 

For someone like me with a trust and beneficiaries, there is a remote chance in some cases that I could be expected to cover other people’s losses.  That is the responsibility that comes, however rarely, with “inherited wealth”. 
Nobody in the media has mentioned the debt ceiling, which needs attention NOW. 
Trump tweeted that Democrats spoiled by birthday party at Mar a Lago.  I haven’t been invited anyway. 
Update: Sunday Jan. 21

WJLA reports on a candlelight vigil by about 40 Dreamers on Sunday night at the Capitol, as reported by Kimberly Suters and Jim McRae video, link. . Antonio Juaregui speaks as one of the participants.  The crowd also wants to protect the parents (who did behave illegally).  The symbol is the ButterFly Wings. 

Update: Jan. 23.  

Oh, the shutdown ended for now.  But what about three weeks from now.  An immigration compromise seems far off

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