Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hawaii false alarm leads to conversations about missile defense, and not allowing Trump first strike use of nukes

Back to the days of “Duck and Cover” in the movie “The Atomic Café”? 

By now, everyone has heard about the false missile alarm in Hawaii, as detailed in the CNN story here. It was caused by one employee pressing a wrong button at change of shift, buy it took the state 38 minutes to get the message out.

So the next time there is a missile alert, I’ll assume it’s a false alarm. Seriously, I don’t want to survive a nuclear attack anyway. I would not belong in the world that remains.  So much for my own resilience.

There would logically have been a possibility that the missile was a DPRK test with no warhead.
But wouldn’t such a missile have been shot down?

Nothing less than 100% missile defense will do.  I wrote a missive "manifesto" on this Wednesday.  Three days later, we have an incident.

On CNN this morning, Rep. Tulsi Gappard from Hawaii, on the House Armed Services Committee, said that we have to face why we are under a nuclear threat from an unstable enemy.  In fact, it's conceivable that North Korea could have interpreted this as an impending pre-emptive strike.  It's also possible an early warning system could be hacked. 

This is a good place to mention HR 669, S220  ,  link , “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act”. 

I was most recently in Hawaii in 1980. 
By Spc. Jacob Kohrs -, Public Domain, Link

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