Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Trump's anit-immigration actions hurt employers; DACA might be saved by courts; Congress has a new bill

Vivian Yee (with Liz Robbins and Caitlin Dickerson) write about how the loss of immigrants, to the to the El Salvador situation and also if DACA is not renewed, will compromise many employers, especially those with construction projects, story, p. A14, New York Times, Wednesday  January 10, 2018, link
This could affect affordable housing and real estate sales and new projects.
However a federal judge in Louisiana stalled Trump’s suspension of DACA, at least for now, and it could wind up in the Supreme Court, taking pressure off Congress, given the complications of the Wall, keeping the government open, and debt ceiling.

It’s true that many immigrants take menial or unpleasant jobs Americans don’t want.  Try to imitate Morgan Spurlock picking oranges. 

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