Friday, February 23, 2018

"Cowardice" in the sheriff's department in the Broward County shooting, but that only supports the NRA's existentialism (bad training?)

Jake Tapper reports on the growing scandal which started with the fact that an assigned sheriff’s deputy did not enter the school, but that several  (at least three) other deputies did not enter. When Coral Springs police arrived. The story is here

We can rant about personal cowardice (Trump used the word), but indeed this seems to be a case of armed law enforcement not doing its job.

But there are other things to say.  The fact that some people on the right wing feel that they can’t count on police to defend them is one of the drivers of the NRA side of the argument – even the doomsday prepper crowd.  It also raises the question of personal karma – who is willing to become a police officer or firefighter – particularly in volunteer fire departments.

We’ve heard a lot about the idea of arming some teachers, as Trump suggested. That creates a problem if guns in the school some day getting stolen.  It can make it harder for swat teams to respond.  Furthermore, it discourages a lot of people from entering teaching, if they think that the culture has changed to the point that you’re really expected to be able to defend students with weapons.

I did have issues with disciplining a few students when I worked as a sub;  there were few problems in high school (as opposed to middle school) but there was one (with someone very disturbed probably) that contributed to one of my resignations (from one county).  It takes only one incident to have serious consequences.

Should teachers (even subs) be expected to be able to do CPR, defibrillation, and water rescues?  (I declined a special ed assignment one time "on the deep end" of a pool. 
President Trump said teachers will do a better job than police because they love their students so much. Huh?? Really?? 
I have no problems on campuses where there is a policy of allowing weapons with permits, like the University of Texas grad student who discussed the policy on PBS Independent Lens one time. 

Update: Monday, Feb. 26

The attorney for the sheriff's deputy says he thought this was an outside firecracker (NBC News detailed story); Trump says he would have run into the building even without a gun (link). 

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