Monday, February 19, 2018

Student protests on the lack of gun control set for Saturday, March 24

I was away today in New Jersey for a “business meeting” (more about that later, including an idea of a "social media fairness doctrine"), but I wanted to note the student protests at the White House today as reported by WJLA7 in Washington. 
There will be marches in every city on Saturday, March 24.  The slogan is “Am I next?”
Here is Fareed Zakaria’s take.  Zakaria does point out that there is a correlation between the number of guns per person in a country and deaths from gun violence

But there is also a downside to the argument.  In Europe, where gun laws are stricter, there may be more exposure to systematic terrorism, since it is difficult to keep guns away from committed (often foreign) terrorists or gangs (like MS13).
There is no simple policy solution to the gun problem, as there are so many other risks to be “next” fir,  Hyperindividualism, inequality, and asymmetry are big factors.

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