Monday, February 26, 2018

Supreme Court won't hear lower court "stay" of Trump's DACA cancellation

The US Supreme Court has declined to hear a direct appeal of lower court rulings, where lower courts found Trump’s cancellation of DACA arbitrary and capricious.  That means DOJ appeals have to go through normal appeals court rulings. (NBC story)   Robert Barnes has a more detailed story Monday in the Washington Post. 
The court injunctions protect existing Dreamers from deportations and mean that renewal applications must be considered. But new applications may not be taken.

Dreamers may tend to have more employment problems and need financial and housing community support due to their uncertainty.
Trump has been reported to say that he does not expect to see deportations.
Cato (Alex Nowrasteh) has reported a Texas study that shows that immigrants, including illegal persons, have lower conviction rates for serious crimes that native born Americans, despite wide publicity for some selected incidents. 

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