Thursday, February 01, 2018

The Nunes Memo mess: it's all in the details

Well, this is getting complicated.  Here is the CNN story on Peter Strzok’s lead-in to Comey’s release of a letter to Congress on Hillary Clinton’s emails on a laptop associated with Anthony Weiner on Oct. 28, 2016.  (Redacted emails  ).

What is confusing is that Republicans had accused Peter Strzok of being partisan for Democrats. 

The letter arguably helped change the momentum so that Clinton would lose the electoral vote in Blue Wall states. It may have ended any likelihood I would participate in asylum seeker hosting (see International today) which I had sent an email offering to consider on Oct. 26.
And for the day-long saga on the Nunes Memo, CNN has detailed coverage here
Here is a complete 9-point analysis by Vox of the Nunes memo (Zack Beauchamp and Alex Ward).  It’s a mouthful, but at stake is whether partisanship will taint law enforcement and keep it independent of oligarchical demands of loyalty. ''

Eric Swalell (D-CA) told CNN that the president is going after the FBI because the FBI is investigating him.  Democracy -- the rule of law -- can't tolerate that. 
I think the administration needs to spend its energy right now on North Korea. 

Update: Feb 2:

Here is a link to the actual memo. 

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