Saturday, February 10, 2018

Why did the CIA mess around with Comey regardless of Trump and Hillary?

If you want to get an idea how the CIA sometimes goes fishing, look how Brennan looked into the FBI, Comey, foreign allies, and only then Russia, story in TableMag    This showed up in my Twitter inbox a few minutes ago.

What’s hard to figure is what the ultimate point of all this was.  You might do this if you were looking for proof of aliens (not  the kind stopped by a Wall – extraterrestrial – the good kind).  This seems to have little to do with Donald Trump per se.   Something like this “plot” here in this article happens in my novel as I first drafted it around 2008.  (It’s called “Angel’s Brother”, hope to have it ready by late summer, but might have to travel a lot more.  Don’t overlook Finland.)

Unfortunately Hillary Clinton was careless with her emails, and Anthony Weiner put us all at risk with his sexting.

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