Sunday, March 11, 2018

NBC4 Health Fair in Washington offers "OneTest" for cancer; vendor unaware of Andraka's work

At the NBC Washington Health Fair today, there was a booth for “One Test”, “a blood test for early detection of multiple cancers”, including liver, lung, colon. Kidney, pancreas, and prostate.

The test looks for certain protein markers and may be given at intervals by physicians.  The test comes from Genesys Biolabs in Rockville, MD.

The people manning the cubicle were not aware of JackAndraka’s mesothelin level pancreatic cancer test.  There wasn’t any information quickly online on the progress of the test in getting approvals and patents, but CNN has a recent story.

There was an ALS booth that was empty and not manned. 

There was also a bariatric chamber on display. 
NBC4 has moved the event from January to March.  

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