Monday, March 12, 2018

The demands for action and "revolution" from the radical Left become ever more dangerous: ending "structural racism"

Nils Gilman’s article “The Collapse of Racial Liberalism” in the American Interest comes at you like a warning   It fits perfectly into David Brooks’s “Understanding Student Mobbists

Suddenly ideas of meritocracy and personal responsibility fail, to be replaced by collective reparative justice, tribalism, and expropriation.  This sort of reasoning comes from the “No Spectators” crowd (like in the film “Rebirth”), that demands “take action” from everyone and threatens to try to shut down all the individualists, who refuse to recognize the personal privilege they inherit from "structural racism." 

Golman links to lengthy "The Case for Reparations" by Ta-Nahesisi Coates in the Atlantic, June 2014. Note the metaphor of "pirate flags" in Section IX.  He also links to "While I'll Never Apologize for my White Male Privilege" in Time, May, 20014.   I seem to have taken up this subject (the idea of discounting content because of the identity or privilege of the speaker) in my own DADT-III book (Feb. 2014).  But I have always seen this more as a matter or personal rightsizing or "paying your dues" that accountability for belonging to a group with sins of the past to pay for.  
But I used to hear the same from radicals in the early 1970s - like the People's Party of New Jersey. 

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