Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The Far-Left uses ostracism to win the culture wars despite losing the political ones in 2016

David Brooks has several recent pieces about millennials in which he seems to touch on Amy Chua’s ideas about tribalism (without mentioning her book by name), but this one is particularly interesting: “How Progressives Win the Culture War” 

Brooks discusse the polarizing public behavior of the Parkland teenagers (David Hogg is charismatic and he isn’t the only one  -- Jack Andraka and Taylor Wilson are similarly charismatic on actual science and accepted truth as if the hardliners on the NRA caused the conservatives to dig in further.  (There is an unbelievable proto-fascist video attributed to NRATV:)

Yet, the left leaning progressives, he says, are winning the culture war and ignoring the political one. 
  They are making it socially unacceptable to even mention certain positions (like race and gender together with biology – Brooks obviously thinks Google should not have fired James Damore) because they keep dangerous possibilities (especially to their own minority groups) in circulation and make it possible that they can come back.

Brooks himself keeps a lot of ideas in circulation by mentioning them occasionally, just like I do.  And Brooks doesn’t seem interested in belonging to a tribe.  Neither do I.
The Left has made it OK to call the president “Poopiepants”.  And Brooks himself calls Trump “a child”.

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