Saturday, April 28, 2018

Bill Gates warns about global avian influenza pandemics likely to happen

Bill Gates has raised the issue of global pandemics, and of the Trump administration’s lackadaisical approach to filling positions in the CDC, as in this story Saturday by Lena H. Sun, link

The biggest threat would be avian influenza, especially H7N9, which could kill 33 million people around the world in six months.  In China, it has killed 40% of the people it in infects.  The main danger is that it become possible to spread directly person to person rather than animal to person.

Gates wants the US to accelerate the development of a global universal flu vaccine, which has a different strategy block chemical processes in all influenzas.   A universal vaccine could have lessened the impact of H3N2 this past winter. 
Gates also believes that bioterror is one of the more likely forms of global terrorism.
The rapid increase in antibiotic resistant super bacteria could upend hospital and surgical sanitation protocols. Expect CNN’s Sanjay Gupta to say more about this soon.

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