Monday, April 16, 2018

Most whites are socially unaware of "intersectionality" in their own "ranks"; Starbucks incident in Philly; NPR on self-defense

I saw this op-ed by George Yancy of Emory University in Atlanta,. “Should I Give Up on White People?” in the New York Times. And, yes, I remember the film "Dear White People."

The tone of the hate mail is rather shocking, as is the tone of what gets put online (and hopefully more likely to be taken down by moderators today).  I just never see this in my own circles.
And that may be some of the problem.  Within the European-ancestry community (to call it that), there are a lot of bubbles.  We are simply often socially indifferent to others we come across and don’t communicate at all, and then are shocked at the behavior we see online.  And we are shocked that enemies (like the Russians) could leverage this elite indifference and aloofness to create enormous and prospectively unexpected political consequences in the US. 
So, I attend a group called Better Angels.  Then I get emails asking if I can recruit people to more seminars.  And I see that is part of the problem.  I don’t have enough direct social influence myself to recruit people into anything.  I thought that the “mind your own business” approach was a good thing, and it usually is what is expected in my circles.  So a lot of cross-cultural communication never happens.
Here's an account of the Starbucks "loitering" arrest of two black men in Philadelphia, where the white people say they wait for friends all the time.  I wasn't far from there for a cybersecurity meeting in late March (picture above -- may not be the same Starbucks). ;   

Now let's also look at a New York Times editorial Sunday on a "black tax" on housing, feeding into the narrative of how hucksters sold subprime mortgages in the Bush years especially to minorities. But during this time there was a culture of pushy and aggressive salesmanship that was quite shocking to me when I was in the job market as a senior -- and it feeds into Trump's behavior today. 
I’ll also pass along an NPR story questioning 2nd Amendment advocate claims that people really use guns for self-defense, here. 

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