Monday, April 09, 2018

Trump's tariffs, and DACA "bargaining refusal" can make individuals into Trump's own "losers"

I’m just back from a weekend trip, some of it off the grid, and I’ll be all braced for Zuck’s testimony tomorrow.

In the meantime:  It strikes me as totally wrong to tie giving (former) DACA recipients or Dreamers legal protection to “Build that Wall” to mollify an unintellectual power base.  These young adults did nothing wrong themselves;  their parents brought them here.  Of course, that’s individualism in my part (rejecting familial tribalism).  Congress should fix the DACA policies and make them acceptable from a security perspective without bargaining away the lives of people who made no bad choices.  Congress should also figure out the best border policy, whether it is building a Wall in spots, or using troops, or more surveillance, or rethinking the standards for asylum. 

Likewise, with his tariff policy, Trump is playing off one part of his base against another’s.  Many of the agricultural sectors hurt by the tariffs were Trump supporters and part of his base.
On Saturday, I had a conversation with a convenience store attendant in North Carolina, who said she had supported Trump and made no apologies if that “offended me”.   I thought about a line from “Call Me by Your Name”.  She had no concept of how the tariffs would affect the agricultural sectors of her own county.  OK, some of it is tobacco, which I am not a friend of, but that isn’t the point.

When the government picks winners and losers, it’s all to easy for anyone to become a loser.

To be expanded upon. 

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