Sunday, April 01, 2018

Trump's tweet "severe thunderstorm" Easter Sunday puts Dreamers in danger of poverty

President Trump’s tweet storm Easter Sunday morning, saying suddenly “no deal on DACA” (after demanding one) seems motivated by the “caravan” moving through Central America, possibly intending to enter the US illegally and then seek asylum (defensively, from detention). Fox News seems to have wakened the president with this Buzzfeed story

So the Post reports that Trump has put the future of Dreamers in doubt in the millions.  

Of course, the previous orders are under litigation in the Ninth Circuit, but no new applications were being accepted.

The prospect for all of this is the possibility of dreamers who cannot work and will have to be supported by others, as the case already with some asylum seekers.  And there may be a huge increase of asylees in detention, possibly trying to be paroled out.

And, no, it’s probably not legal for Trump to try to make the military pay for the wall.

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